*FREE* 4-Port USB Hub and USB Extender with Purchase of 2 Dongles!

SteamVR Watchman USB Dongle

Wirelessly pair your Valve Index Controller or HTC Vive Tracker/Wand directly to your SteamVR PC

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Watchman Dongle works with SteamVR

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Easy Setup

1. Open SteamVR

Plug the dongle into a USB port on your PC. Open SteamVR. Right click the 3 lines next to SteamVR and go to “Devices > Pair Controller”.

2. Choose Your Device

Select which device you will be pairing with your dongle and PC. Works with the Valve Index Controller, HTC Vive Tracker, HTC Vive Wand, and Logitech VR Ink Pilot.

3. Pair

Follow the on screen instructions to pair your device to the USB dongle and you're set!

The dongles are working perfectly so far. Thank you for getting them out so quickly.


My experience with VRDongles has been nothing short of excellent. I have them in the 1 and 7 position of a 7-USB powered hub from Amazon with no interference issues.


hey, I've been using dongles from your site for a few days now and they work great! thanks for all your work helping to make this sort of thing more accessible!


I have received the new vrdongles and they are working great!


Works out of the box (bubble mailer).

There is not much more to say about the dongle, I like it.


I have received the dongles and they work out of the box! They paired with the index controllers successfully.


hey, wanted to let you know the dongles got here today, set them up and they work perfectly. thank you so much


3D Printer CAD Files

Have a 3D printer? Want a case for your dongle? Use our CAD files to print a custom case.