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Best Possible Tracking using Dongles

Here's a list of things to try to get the best possible tracking when using Space Calibrator, taken directly from their FAQ:


if you want to give your tracker the best possible quality of tracking make sure:

  • mirrors/glossy TVs or monitors/windows are covered up
  • your basestations aren't too far apart (15 feet x 15 feet/4.5m x 4.5m is the maximum recommended by HTC)
  • your basestations can see eachother well (opposing corners of your play area) or use a sync cable
  • ensure that any routers in your room are broadcasting 5ghz as opposed to 2.4ghz
  • the dongles are separated from eachother using the included cradle and cable
  • you are mindful of where your hands are with the touch controller (touching the tracker/passing in front of it will cause a flyaway)